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Submerge #2, 3, and 4

Submerge #5
Submerge #2
Submerge #4
Submerge #3

Submerge Series are ceramic paintings exploring submergence and emergence. 


The works are the result of an embodied process, allowing expressive behavior to drive and create the works. As such the Submerge Series are very much about being there, and at their core explore liberation through expression.


The title of the work denotes the artists feelings when creating the initial work, with latter pieces exploring the process further, as well as, a visceral world experienced by us all, suggesting the personal nature of emotions as an evolved system as part of the social sphere.

Contemporary Six - The Gallery, 37 Princess Street, Manchester. M2 4FN.


Tel: 0161 835 2666 or 07888 757 880 | M:

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