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Ché Finch is characterised by her raw expressive and abstracted style in ceramic sculptures and paintings that explore conceptual subjects through colour and texture.


“My work is often emotional, depicting states of mind which are of the moment, as much as concepts. There are also meditative qualities during the initial making process of the vases, where scraping ‘clay off clay’ to sculpt the final shape produces a range of sounds that lend themselves to a gradual exploration of memories and new visuals. I am interested in visual disturbance; in placing a line or mark where it might not work, or might not please, in how this resonates with the viewer and in what possible new visual signatures arise from this process. I’m especially interested in creating conditions that might lead to new visuals and in environments that cultivate intense focus and the facilitation of 'deep work', with an interest in neuroplasticity. Much of my earlier processes were based around reducing visual noise in order to focus on key elements (which resulted in more abstract work), this was in part influenced by earlier experiences working as a tutor in African Rhythmic Structures, which uses a core rhythmic structure in which to generate innovative sound”.

Che Finch Art Lounge, Large white vase.j
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