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Complete 3 copyright Ché Finch.jpg

Artwork Details

Artist: Ché Finch

Medium: Stoneware, bisque fired.
Dimensions: 21 x 16.5cm

Purchase: SOLD

© Ché Finch


Complete; is a hand-coiled vase with manganese brush marks then bisque fired to keep the purity of the stoneware body along with the intensity of the manganese marks. Originally intended to be the maquette vase for I Love the Water Too.

"After applying the oxide underpainting which creates some of the texture for the sea in I Love the Water Too; I decided the vase was beautiful for it's purity of brush marks and sat with it for some time before deciding to leave it as it is. It's important to learn to listen to one's instinct and accept when an artwork is in fact complete, regardless of what preconceived outcomes you had". 

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