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Form' is a large vase that tapers to a narrow neck. The vase is bisque fired; deliberately focusing on the hand-coiled vessel for its own sake, without the embellishment of glazes; a sculpture.

"When creating and coiling a vase; there is a narrative playing out in my minds eye. You can lose yourself in the imagery; often times completing works within yourself... that may never be seen; completed works in their own right. Such works have as much value and integrity for me (I remember them long after); it's always immersive and experiential, it resides within me and I reside in within it. This work had numerous manifestations whilst making it (alongside many tile sketches with glazes for the vase) during a period of time when I was consciously trying to re-engage with my authentic self. We lose ourselves as adults; parental, cultural and relational expectations and responsibilities weigh heavy through the course of a life and it's easy to forget who we really are.


In the end I chose purity of form".


ARTIST: Ché Finch
MEDIUM: Stoneware, bisque fired.
DIMENSIONS: 41 x 34cm

DATE: 2018

ACQUIRE: Please enquire directly through

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