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Artwork Details
Artist: Ché Finch
Date: 2017
Medium: Earthenware, glazes, stains and oxides
Dimensions: 17.5 x 15 x 6.8cm
Purchase: SOLD via Contemporary Six - The Gallery, 37 Princess Street, Mancheshter. M2 4FN

© Ché Finch

Untitled #17

Untitled #17 (rear aspect)
Untitled #17 (front aspect)


Untitled #17 is a hand-coiled vase incorporating multiple layers of oxides, glazes and stains, embracing glaze interaction. It forms part of a study of the visuals that evolved from Embrace and Immerse #1 & #2, and focuses and reworks the 'random' visual notes that resulted from that process.

"I am interested in visual disturbance and flaws, as this often leads to a new technique or way of seeing something. I think it's innate to recognise innovation and to contribute to it.  As such, I want my work to resonate something within the viewer, so that they recognise, and are excited by the possibility and potential of a new or abstracted visual signature". 

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