Artist: Ché Finch
Medium: Stoneware, glazes, oxides and gold leaf
Dimensions: 32 x 23 cm
Purchase: SOLD  Contemporary Six - The Gallery

© Ché Finch

Marks of Remembrance #2

Artwork Details


Marks of Remembrance #2 is a hand-coiled vase that concludes Ché Finch's earlier 'Orphan' art work. Orphan explores Ché Finch's experience whilst staying at an orphanage aged four with her brother who had been quarantined due to infectious illness. It recounts abandonment, isolation and hope whilst waiting at the gate for a loved one to visit, alongside symbolism referencing the death of a young black boy in apartheid South Africa and an unresolved sense of loss for his life and humanity.

Marks of Remembrance #1 is essentially an act of acceptance for loss, as well as, a process of honouring those that are lost.

About Ché Finch



Ché Finch is a British South African sculptor specialising in ceramics & conceptual art, characterised for her raw expressive style.


                                                            | 07486 696420

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