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South African born, Contemporary British artist, Ché Finch creates autobiographical hand-coiled vases and ceramic paintings, exploring a dialogue with memory. “I love the intimacy of working with clay and the ambiguity that glazes lend my work”.

Ché is also co-founder of several arts organisations, providing a platform for artists in the North West.





chesvases@gmail.com | 07486 696420

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Artwork Details
Artist: Ché Finch
Date: 2016
Medium: Earthenware, glazes, stains and oxides
Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 6.5cm
Purchase:  SOLD:
Contemporary Six - The Gallery


© Ché Finch

Immerse #2


Immerse #2 is the result of challenging personal boundaries, both artistically and psychologically.


At its core it focuses on two key notes; the inclusion of white as a colour and a horizontal read slash across the pot to denote a subterranean landscape, exploring liberation through expression. The red slash is there to stimulate as well as unsettle the viewer. It's untidy, slightly ungainly and acts to interrupt the viewing process.


"From an artistic point of view I'm interested in visual disturbance and flaws, as this often leads to a new tecnique or way of seeing something".

A hand coiled vase Immerse #2  took approximately 18 hours to create. With multiple layers of oxides, glazes and stains focusing on glaze interaction, a signature of Ché's expertise.