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Form II

Artwork Details

Artist: Ché Finch

Medium: Stoneware, bisque fired.
Dimensions: 22 x 18cm

Purchase: Please purchase through

Contemporary Six - The Gallery, Manchester. 

0161 835 2666

© Ché Finch


Form II' focuses the viewers attention on the hand-coiled vase for it's own sake, without the embellishment of glazes. It is a sculpture in it's own right and is presented as such.

A hand-coiled bisque fired and unglazed vase that draws focus to the sculpted form. Textures on the body of the piece hint at the sculpting process; on the lower 4/5 of the vase a steel kidney blade is used to finish the final shape, a process of reworking the body repeatedly, literally thousands of moments of scraping away small amounts of the leather hard clay to finish the form. The top fifth of the vase has a smoother texture where a wet cotton glove has been used to finish the fine neck of the vase and this can be seen from the feint line to the neck of the vase.

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