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2019 Clay, Canvas and Camera -  Ché Finch, Dean Entwistle, Diane Nevitt and John Eastwood. Macc Art Lounge.

2018 Contemporary Six - Winter Exhibition

2017-2018  Contemporary Six - The Gallery, Winter Exhibition

2017 Buy Art Fair, Manchester with Contemporary Six-The Gallery (Jake Attree, Ian Norris, Adam Ralston and Ché Finch)

2017 Incite Art Collective, Macc Art Lounge, Macclesfield. SK10 1DY

2017 This Woman's Work, Macc Art Lounge, Macclesfield. SK10 1DY

2016 Contemporary Six - The Gallery, Winter Exhibition

2016 Macc Art Lounge Winter Exhibition

2016 Evoke Didsbury Parsonage

2016 Reaching Out: Figurative to Abstract, Incite Art Collective, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham

2016 Buxton Spa Prize Exhibition

2016 Barnaby Festival, Macc Art Lounge, Macclesfield

2016 Derbyshire Open Arts

2015 Macc Art Lounge, Chandelier of Lost Earrings and Selected Artists

2015 Stolen Fire, Incite Art Collective, Parsonage Trust, Didsbury, Manchester

2014 Spirit of Place, Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester

2014 Incubation Arts, Charles Roe House, Macclesfield

2013 Stockport Art Gallery - 3D Prize Winner

2013 The Open Contemporary Art Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery

2013 Stealing Fire, Art Allotment Studios, Barnaby Festival Art Trail, Macclesfield

2012 Stockport Art Gallery - Jack Lees Prize Winner

2012 Derbyshire Open Art Competition, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery


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