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Passionate about creating exhibition opportunities for artists, Ché Finch has a history of involvement as co-founder of several not-for-profit collaborative arts organisations, providing a platform for artists in the North West. 


Committee member, SKarts, The Open Contemporary, Stockport Art Gallery 2011-2013

Chair, SKarts 2013-2015

Vice Chair, SKarts 2015 - 

Co-founder, Incite Art Collective 2015

Co-founder, Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial Project 2013

Co-founder, Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial Selection Panel 2013

Adjudicator, Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial Selection Panel 2013 -

Co-founder, Macc Art Lounge 2015 - 

Curator, The Open Contemporary 2013

Curator, Stockport Art Gallery 2013 - 2015

Curator, Macc Art Lounge 2015 - 

Stockport Art Gallery Project

Che is also co-founder and an adjudicator for the selection panel at Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial.


Ché Finch was instrumental in keeping Stockport Art Gallery & War Memorial open following proposals made by Stockport Council to close the gallery during the week, Stockport Council furthered this proposal by withdrawal of the permanent collection and removal of the gallery curator. Consequently Ché Finch co-founded Stockport Art Gallery Project and the Selection Panel, and personally organised and established the exhibitions programme between May 2013 and May 2015 increasing footfall to the gallery by over 50%.


Incite Art Collective (29th June - 15 July 2017)

Macc Art Lounge - Grosvenor Centre - SK10 1DY

Didsbury Parsonage (6th - 27th August 2017)

The Didsbury Parsonage Trust - The Old Parsonage - Stenner Lane - Didsbury - Machester - M20 2RQ


2017 This Woman's Work

2016 Macc Art Lounge Winter Exhibition

2016 Evoke Didsbury Parsonage

2016 Macc Art Lounge Summer Show, Macclesfield

2016 Incite Art Collective, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham

2016 Buxton Spa Prize Exhibition

2016 Macc Art Lounge (Barnaby Festival)

2016 Derbyshire Open Arts

2015 Macc Art Lounge, Macclesfield

2015 Macc Art Lounge, Macclesfield.

2015 Stolen Fire, Incite Art Collective, Parsonage Trust, Didsbury, Manchester

2014  Spirit of Place, Didsbury Parsonage, Manchester

2014 Incubation Arts, Charles Roe House, Macclesfield

2013 Stockport Art Guild Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery - 3D Prize Winner

2013 The Open Contemporary, Stockport Art Gallery

2013 Stealing Fire, Art Allotment, Barnaby Festival

2012 Stockport Art Guild Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery - Jack Lees Certificate of Merit Winner

2012 Derbyshire Open Art Competition, Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

2011 East Cheshire, Its Plains and Peaks, Jobling Gowler


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