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Artwork Details
Artist: Ché Finch
Date: 2013
Medium: Earthenware, glazes, stains and oxides
Dimensions: 29.5 x 20.5 x 13cm
Purchase:  SOLD


© Ché Finch


Submerge is a large handmade ceramic vase exploring submergence and emergence. 


The work allows expressive behaviour to drive and create the piece and is very much about being there.


Tin glaze  with transparent glazes are used for the inside, upper and lower parts of the vase, then protected with a wax resist. Further stains, oxides and glazes were then painted and poured onto the central portion of the vase.


The title of the work denotes the artists feelings when creating the work. It also references a visceral world experienced by us all and suggests the personal nature of emotions as an evolved system as part of the social sphere.

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